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  1. Dorsal rami of the spinal nerves Spinal nerves divide into medial and lateral branches (exception C1) have a typical segmental distribution cervical dorsal rami: suboccipital nerve (C1) – purely motor greater occipital nerve (C2) – mixed C3 medial cutaneous branch, third occipital nerve thoracic dorsal rami.
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    Erection can be produced by a spinal reflex with a similar mechanism Tactile stimulation of the penis or nearby regions produces a neural signal That is transmitted to an erection centre in the sacral, lowest part of the spinal cord.
  3. Spinal cord and spinal nerves 1. Central nervous system – gross subdivisions 2. Spinal cord – embryogenesis and external structure 3. Internal structure of the spinal cord 4. Grey matter – nuclei and laminae 5. White matter – nerve fiber tracts 6. Reflex apparatus of the spinal cord 7. Formation and general organization of the spinal nerves 8.
  4. A spinal canal is passage for a complex network of nerves, those nerves which originate from the brain. It also acts as a passage for the nerves that travel from end organs to the central nervous system. In spinal stenosis, this very spinal canal starts to narrow.
  5. Hemisection of spinal cord Etiology can include MS, stab wound, tumor Ipsilateral loss of motor control; spasticity BELOW lesion level Ipsilateral flaccidity AT lesion level Ipsilateral loss of proprioception Contralateral loss of pain and temp.
  6. The first 13 weeks of pregnancy. It is the trimester in which the most important embryonic development takes place. After first month, fetal heart is formed and begins to pump blood. This also includes beginnings of the development of digestive system, brain, spinal cord, nervous system, muscles, arms, legs, eyes, fingers, and toes.
  7. Erection - produced by a spinal reflex -- penis has a lot of receptor neurons and tactile stimulation (stroking or rubbing) of the penis produces a neural signal that is transmitted to an erection center in the lowest part of the spinal cord -- this center then sends out a message to the muscles (the effectors) around the walls of teh arteries in the penis -- in response to the message, the muscles relax and the .
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    More interestingly, 1/3 of the patients they saw had neurological issues like Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, etc. But most fascinating, the remaining 1/3 of the patients they saw had various lower extremity amputations and were learning how to use prosthetics. I was sold.
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